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100% Pure Organic 


Instant sinus relief by organic herbal spray.

Instant sinus drainage.

Instant itchy mouth allergies relief.

Instant itchy throat and ears relief. 

open congested nose passages right away.


How to use: Hold close to mouth, Spray 2 times and swallow. 

Repeat as needed


Ingredients: Organic Herbs Benefits 

Fresh Horseradish root ( Boosts Circulation and Clears Mucus ).

Echinacea angustifolia root ( A dietary supplement for the common cold and other infections )

Fresh spilanthes herb ( The anti-inflammatory flowers of Spilanthes have earned it the name “toothache plant” for their numbing and pain-relieving effects.) 

Elderberry Fruit ( Rich in antioxidants which help lower inflammation )

Garlic bulb ( It has antifungal and antibacterial properties.)

Cayenne fruit ( Relieves congestion ) 

Peppermint oil ( treating coughs and colds, reducing pain, improving mental function, and reducing stress. )

Olive leaf ( Olive leaves contain a substance called oleuropein, which is thought to help reduce cholesterol levels and inflammation )

Horehound herb ( the herb has a soothing and healing effect as an expectorant for coughs and runny (stuffed) noses )

Licorice root ( Clinical application of nasal irrigation with licorice has a significant effect in treating NPs )

Goldenseal Root ( help ease a sore throat, which often accompanies cold or flu )

Wild cherry bark ( Wild cherry thins and dispels mucus making it easier to move out of your body and not stay stuck in your respiratory system ) 

Fresh osha root ( Reduce the amount of mucus that is produced, which can help to clear out the nasal passages. Osha root itself also contains a number of beneficial compounds that can help to reduce inflammation and provide relief from sinus congestion )

Andrographis herb ( Help to improve such symptoms as a sore throat, runny throat, nose, and respiratory tract congestion )

Onion bulb ( The sulfur content in the onion draws out mucus and fluids in body. If you have a stuffy nose, it can loosen that up with no side effects )

Yarrow herb ( Yarrow has the ability to stop bleeding both internally and externally )

Other ingredients: Grain alcohol, Deionized water, vegetable glycerin, Organic honey.


Shelf Life: Room Temp.

relieve sinus pressure.

clear sinuses naturally.

relieve sinus inflammation.

Sinus Blaster Spray

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